Saturday, September 4, 2010

Justice and Jello Shots

A few days ago I decided to strap all my expensive gear to my body and take my camera to an ultra-dive. It was a messy risk, but I'm glad i took it. Belvederes was hosting a benefit for our friends Quentin and Uriah. These gentlemen are facing 5-20 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. They're presently seeking justice, which is costly, and the community has been doing what they can to help.

When I heard the list of bands planned to perform that night, and found out about the man auction, I knew a camera was necessary.

Just because I had my camera doesn't mean I didn't drink; it was for a cause! If one is to view the flickr photos in order, perhaps you can see the effect that PBR and orange jell-o shots has on my ability to frame and focus a shot. The first person to correctly guess how many I had gets a free print of their choice!

Despite the beers, I think I got some great shots. Here's a couple that are family friendly. For the rest, and I do think you should check out the rest, please go to my flickr page.

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