Friday, April 9, 2010

Portrait Season

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and people need new portraits! My friend and favorite local tattoo genius, Jason Angst finally commissioned me to photograph him for magazine publicity. I'm fairly certain he is going to make it big time famous in the world of art fans and inked-up weirdos, so I'm super jazzed he chose me to make his portraits. We shot our first batch of images a few days ago and next week I'll be shooting him at work at Tattoo Noir. I've shot lots of tattoo artists before and I already how much fun it is. Machines, blood, people sitting still; what's not to love?

But that's next week. This is now!

Yeah, that's right! I get to photograph ALL the awesome looking ones! I'm quite lucky that way. Here's another one.

Now go see the rest at flickr. I spent many a hunched-over-at-the-computer hour editing versions of each one. So enjoy them, verily, and with gusto.