Saturday, September 12, 2009

except it wasn't so much a beautiful day

I took some astoundingly mediocre photos yesterday walking the tracks by the Allegheny. Here they are!

Then I picked some raspberries and went home to make a tasty lemoncello cocktail and forget about my dwindling creativity.

I'll toss the rest of these on flickr sometime. Today I'm going to an outdoor accordion party. I reckon I'll have fun things to shoot there. Look forward to that, why don't you?!

For something entirely unrelated to photography, here's a map of the route I ran a few days ago.

View where i ran today in a larger map

Friday, September 11, 2009


A friend pointed something out to me that I hadn't noticed before. I went through all my old deviantart photos and he was quite right. I put boys in corners.

I found quite a few more than this, but I think this is enough to make my point. What's my point? I don't know, probably that I'm a genius. Or I have some subconscious aversions to putting men in the center of my frame.

My Long Overdue Change of Scenery

I haven't been shooting at all lately because I've been busy relocating from Southside to Lawrenceville, but today I'm dedicating the whole day to wandering around my new part of town with my camera. Last night I got the Nikon out, cleaned the sensor, re-read the manual, and tooled around my dark apartment wishing I hadn't missed dusk. But I got a few shots before breakfast (oatmeal, soymilk, and way too strong coffee) to toss up here to prove that I'm really really really going to try to get back to doing what it is that I like to do.

Here they be. They are all lovely things which can be seen without leaving the apartment. I was wearing jammies.