Thursday, September 25, 2008

A New Nest

Setting up a blog for myself so I can have a portfolio separate from Deviant Art. For now, here's where all my photos are from the last six years or so; and that's probably where they'll stay unless I get this looking really nice. I've been getting an increasing amount of freelance photo work, so I've started looking into getting a bit more organized about everything. I've gotten a pretty smooth work flow down as far as editing, billing, and presenting my work. I'm considering getting Little Magpie Photography in the books as an actual sole proprietor business, but I'm probably not making enough money yet to make all the taxes and hullabaloo worthwhile. In the meantime, a new email address, a new blog, and a new business card should suffice. This is mostly a practice post so I suppose I'll toss up a new photo to try it out. If all goes as planned, you ought to be seeing a photo of Prometheus Burning from their recent show at Diesel in Pittsburgh's South Side. Enjoy!