Monday, April 20, 2009

Portraits, Parties, Punch Bowls and Playboys

This past week I've been getting back to doing things other than just making coffee and playing with photos from old shoots. But before I tell you about it, here's a re-edited photo from an old shoot!

I've been going back through this set of photos from last summer because the pup there, Dino, is no longer around and I'd like to try my hand at some printing. So I've been returning the photos to RAW files to edit them from scratch. Next I'll finally be teaching myself how to make quality prints of digital photos. That's something I ought to know. Now you must go to Flickr to see the rest.

Onto new business, the famous Mel Practice hired me to shoot some family portraits of herself and her daughter, Lydia. It was the warmest day this week and we had a great shoot. Lydia was a real champ at authentic smiles for the camera. I know I can't pretend to like to have my photo taken and not look like I'm grimacing. I haven't asked yet if I can post this lovely shoot on Flickr yet, but I will allow my favorite shot to sneak into the public eye for now.

Darling, no? I had a great time. At one point the puppy had goggles on! Anytime I'm doing work that involves goggles and puppies, I know my career is heading in the right direction. I really look forward to sharing the rest of these photos, but I will need to clear that with Mel and Lydia first. One photo I'm sure the world needs to see is a merchandise shot for Josh, a local seamster who is going to make it big in the world of wicked apparel.

Moving on to an entirely different photo gig, I was given the opportunity to do a catalog-style shoot for A Party Place Rentals. The proprietors of the business made my afternoon a breeze. Not only was everyone pleasant to work with, but a perfect black backdrop was prepared for me. All I needed was a clamp lamp, an umbrella light, my trusty tripod, and my D200. All of the finished photos (the color versions, b&w soon to come) can be seen when you click right here.
Certainly not as fun to look at as puppies or portraits, but check out this platter!

On another of our recent perfect-weather days in Pittsburgh (rare and beautiful), I did a snappy speed-shoot of my muse, Megan. These may never grace the photosets of my flickr page, but I may share this single morsel of the sunny, springtime Sossi.

With that, I leave you to wander over to Flickr to get a closer look at how I spent my week. Other new photos to look forward to include; "Lewis Lake '08", "Mt. Washington Demolition", and a new shoot from my other muse with a name that starts with m, "Monika and Elegy".